Erik is a multi-award-winning director of commercials and branded entertainment, and a prolific maker of experimental films. His diverse body of work is renowned for its elegant visual design and nuanced storytelling. As an ex-creative director he is concept driven and brand aware.

His projects include collaborations with celebrated agencies Wieden+Kennedy, BBH and BBDO, and commissions for global brands Ikea, Heineken, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola and Citroen.

He studied art. He studied robotics engineering, but turns out more for the sculptural and sci-fi aesthetic and because he didn’t know what else to study as social pressures of getting a ‘real’ degree came into play. He spent a disproportionate amount of time watching films and drumming for art school bands.

After getting his hands on a Cannes awards reel he decided to try advertising. He created a portfolio from scratch at home and managed to land a job at Ogilvy. Shortly after, he joined Hunt Lascaris, one of the world’s most awarded agencies as well as an independent powerhouse at the time.

He then joined Velocity Films and became a commercials director. He joined Independent UK, then Anonymous Content USA, and now his own production company Monument Los Angeles as co-founder.

Erik spends his time between Los Angeles, London and Cape Town.

Erik is co-founder and creative lead of production company Monument Los Angeles, owner of experimental studio A Little Company London, owner of creative production studio Lovers & Fighters and co-owner of film facilitation company Baxter in Cape Town.

[words by SQUAREBLOK]